Unicourt is ideal for backyard fun of sports/fitness/outdoor minded families. It's perfect as an activity center for motels, apartment complexes, playgrounds, clubs, institutions, and more. Unicourt is the solution for anywhere space is at a premium.

The Activity Center is a multi purpose outdoor recreation package that fits in a space as small as 30' x 64', or even smaller, by special design. Unicourt Activity Centers are an excellent home improvement investment and can be financed. It is a value the entire family can enjoy all year round; even at night with the lighting option. This center is for just about any outdoor activity that's best on a dry, level, and firm surface.

Enjoy the benefits:

  1. Entertain family and friends.
  2. Increase family gathering time.
  3. Know where your kids are.
  4. Add value to your home.
  5. Virtually maintenance free.
  6. Play up to 12 games.
  7. Unlimited Activities for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Customize your court with your choice of our components featuring:

  1. The finest sports equipment available.
  2. Powder coated steel components.
  3. Weather treated netting.
  4. Adjustable basketball system.
  5. Suspended court tiles.

Competitor Basketball Systems

Available in five custom units: 56, 54, 53, 46, and 45. Featuring a 5' or 4' overhang, a 2" x 4" lower extension arm and a one piece 6" or 5" square pole. All components are welded for uncompromised strength and durability. The Competitor has an easy to adjust height from 7 ½ to 10. The unit's anchor system is designed to provide extra strength and ease of installation. The exclusive series comes complete with a 42" x 60" or 42" x 72" acrylic backboard and a Pressure Flex Goal. Pole and Backboard padding is available.

Inline Net System

Includes fittings to attach the Adjustable Net System to the Competitor basketball system. Opposite side post is 3 ½" square with adjustable collars.


10' high x 20' wide frame constructed of 1.9" o.d. steel. Complete unit includes fittings, adjustable straps, bungee cords, vinyl ball retainer and heavy duty #420 1 3/4" weather treated net and PVC ground sleeves.

Fence System

The 6' high fence system is constructed of 1.9" o.d. 16 gauge steel coated with black acrylic urethane finish. The system includes all fittings, #420 1 3/4" weather treated netting, lacing cord and PVC ground sleeves. Custom sizes are available.

Adjustable Net System

Poles are 3 ½" square tubing with 3/16" wall thickness. The multipurpose net system includes two adjustable net collars that enable easy height adjustments. The unit offers the versatility to adjust from ground level to 8'. The net is also easy to remove for open court play. All hardware and brackets are included. A lightweight 4 sq aluminum net system is also available.

Play Volleyball, Paddle-ball, Tennis or remove the net for Basketball.

Light System

The light system is available as a stand alone unit or as an extension to the adjustable net system. The system includes a 10 long, 3" sq. heavy wall steel pole & 2 1500 watt, 240 volt quartz lamps with fixtures, extension arm and adapter. The stand alone unit also includes a 12 pole with hardware.