Crack Repair

Pavement After Crack Repair
Pavement After Crack Repair and Seal Coating

Pavement Maintenance Contractors, Inc. repairs pavement cracks and joints by evaluating the type and cause of cracks. When cracks are amenable to repair, important preparation that includes cleaning, drying, and shaping (routing) of cracks or joints is necessary to assure proper crack or joint filling. PMCI uses the highest grade, hot-applied liquid rubberized sealant. Our equipment includes a double jacket melter with a heated pressurized hose and wand. Repairs last the longest by minimizing water infusion into the cracks and thereby substantially increasing the lifetime of your pavement. It is estimated that crack and joint filling and sealing performed at 3-year intervals will more than double the lifetime of your pavement. Effective and inexpensive, crack filling and joint sealing is often the first step in preventative care of your pavement. Your PMCI experienced representative will assist you to determine your pavement needs.