Blacktop Repairs

PMCI Blacktop Repair Example - Before
PMCI Blacktop Repair Example - After

Pavement Maintenance Contractors, Inc. repairs pot-holes, sunken, disintegrated, cracked and damaged blacktop. Repairs may be made by saw cutting or milling perimeters and then removal and replacement of blacktop that is properly compacted. Vertical edges and surfaces should be cleaned and then tack coat applied to assure bonding of new blacktop to existing blacktop. Excavation of existing stone base or sub-base and then rebuilding of stone base may be necessary. PMCI also has the experience to analyze and correct water drainage problems and repair catch basins, water inlets, and drainage pipes. Other cleaning, filling and blacktop overlay methods of pavement rehabilitation and pavement maintenance are also available for your parking lot. Your experienced PMCI representative will assist you in developing a plan that will meet your needs and budget.