Acrylic Color Coatings

Pavement Maintenance Contractors, Inc. has over 35 years of experience applying recreational coatings and uses the most up to date materials and processes. PMCI furnishes and applies leading industry acrylic color coat systems that provide the correct playing surface, look great, and seal your court to extend its lifetime. PMCI uses the brightest, color-fast materials in an extensive variety of colors and finishes. Careful consideration of existing conditions and desired results determine the number of coats and type of material to be used. A specialized grade of rounded sand may be used to create a textured surface that is regulated to produce a slow-medium-fast pace finished surface. Other surface systems include rubberized cushion systems and hockey or in-line skate systems with specialized hardeners for toughness. Your experienced PMCI representative will assist you to determine the correct color coat system that will provide many years of beauty, performance, and protection.